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・ロイヤルアカデミーオブダンス アドバンス2修了



After graduating from St.Paul's university, Momoka joined a major Japanese airline company. While working as a cabin crew, she attended many yoga classes around the world and learned various types of yoga. Also, she was greatly influenced by meditation and mindfulness. These important philosophies that 1."Focus on your attention on the breath and how the body moves with each inhalation and exhalation" and 2."Accept all of yourself as you are" helped her alleviating her own long-standing mental and physical discomfort.
As we live in the stress-riden society sorrounded by too many informations, we need to spend more time for yourself to be released from them.
In her class, she introduces you to take a deep breath in a slow flowing time to face yourself and feel "now". Adjustments are taken to fit each student so that everyone can move comfortably. Also, she gives you some tips for doing "beautiful yoga” based on her 14years of experience in classical ballet and prize giving from many domestic and international competitions.

・maternity yoga
・mental psychology counselor
・mindfulness specialist
・sports food master
・nutrition food instructor for athlete
・Royal Academy of Dance Advance2 level
・advanced anatomy masters course
・vipassana meditation 10days course